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3 songs to propose to this year in Atlanta

Posted by on February 25, 2014

This is day 27 of 30-day blog challenge. Read day 26: “I used to rant like fruit gone rotten”



Once upon a time, I thought Maynard and Tori would have been happy together.


I live north of Atlanta, but a few artists I love are touring. I saw something on Facebook where a fan proposed to his girlfriend at a concert, and, as my own five-year anniversary is around the corner, I thought I post a quick video blog of three romantic songs to get engaged to. If you want to pop the question at a show this year, check these tours out:


1. Ratdog (playing Atlanta’s Tabernacle March 16)

“Lucky Enough”

The other night my soul hit the pavement
And I looked up, and I didn’t have eyes
Oh to see the beauty, joy and the tenderness
The reasons why a man’s alive

Sometimes a darkness falls upon the spirit
And it gets dark like there ain’t never been light
May be angels singing, but you don’t want to hear it
That inner flame ain’t burning so bright (note 1)

And you’ll find no saints here
When the going gets this rough
But you may find grace
If you’re lucky enough

Every love has a whole in the middle
Where the wickedness always survives
Eats at your soul, maybe just a little (note 2)
Then it gets as big as the night

Doesn’t matter how much you show her
Sure don’t matter what she’s trying to show you
When you can’t feel it, that love seems to scatter
And precious little gonna see you through

And we’re going on faith here
And all of that kind of stuff
And even grace
If we’re lucky enough

There’s a line you can hold
Through the separateness and sin
Open up your soul
And let the sky fall in

The deepest journeys pass through the wilderness
The desert where the burning question resides
To taste the magic you must first suck the emptiness
From a cup that is always dry

Inside the silence, and total aridity (note 3)
Where the horizon is a perfect line
Lies a drop that precedes the humidity (note 4)
Of simple grace, that pours like wine

And you’ll find no saints here
None of that kind of stuff
But you may find grace
If you’re lucky enough

Lucky enough
Lucky enough
Lucky enough
Well you may find grace
If you’re lucky enough
Lucky enough
If you’re lucky enough
If you’re lucky enough
Well you may find grace
If you’re lucky enough
If you’re lucky enough
Well you may find grace


1) in earlier versions, Weir sang “Your sole concern is making it through the night”

2) in earlier versions, Weir sang these two lines as
Ain’t no big deal, well maybe just a little
when that hurricane of misery arrives
(3) I had an earlier version of this line that may have been in part a mis-hearing: “There is a place with falls of fluidity”
(4) the lyrics with the CD have “drought” but “drop” seems to be what Weir sings, and makes better sense


2. Brad Paisely (playing Atlanta at Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood June 22)

“I Can’t Change the World”

3. Tori Amos (playing Atlanta’s Cobb Energy Theatre August 19)

Hmm, okay on second thought, don’t propose to your lover during a Tori Amos song. Rather, propose along with tickets to the show. Tori may have found happiness and love in marriage, but the sentiment doesn’t gel in any song that I can think of. Her last album, Night of Hunters, was a concept album.

I’ll just leave you with one of my favorite songs, where Maynard J. Keenan accompanies her:


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