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Because we only have 24 hours in a day…

Posted by on September 24, 2013

One of the hardest things to do for me is admit that I cannot actually do everything that I want to do because of the finite number of hours in a day. I feel like I am/have been doing too much half-assed. So, in the interest of doing the best work in all I do, I dropped a class today. I had an A average, but I can’t keep up this pace. I feel a bit relieved actually.


As I’ve been thinking about the many aspects of my life, and what it is I truly want to do most, I keep returning to the idea of building. My first degree in psychology came from my desire to understand human nature, and perhaps save a few unfortunate souls with whom I had crossed paths. I’ve stayed in the same ocean, but steered the ship toward human nature in business: marketing. What I truly love is making a difference, building a brand, promoting a business that someone put his or her whole self into. These things make me happy.


I’ve been fortunate to take on a few projects involving freelance social media marketing and editing. In an attempt to give the most of my experience to those trusting me with their dreams, and in deciding to make the most of my children’s childhoods, I actually took a deep breath and a step back. Admitting we’re not super heroes and focusing on what matters most and the best way to approach our goals feels right. The pieces are falling into place. I’m building a business that involves building other people’s businesses, and that makes me happy.


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