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Content marketing means creating and distributing uniquely appropriate web content to:

  • Improve your visibility and rank on Google and other search engines
  • Increase your overall web traffic (visits, page views, etc.)
  • Create and nurture new leads
  • Execute social media distribution and enhance search engine authority by sharing content across multiple social networks


Content creation provides a small business with original articles that will drive consumers from search engines to the company’s product or service. It’s all about being there at what Google calls the “zero moment of truth.” The idea of traditional marketing has shifted away from the sales funnel and now potential customers are overwhelmed with more choices than ever when they search online for solutions. A business needs to be where its customers are, branded as an expert in the industry.


Value: Would you prefer to hire a mechanic who could tell you how to save money on gas?


Social Media Strategist

The first part of existing in the real world is moving into a building: a brick-and-mortar place of business. On the Internet a business needs a website as its “home” and then partnering social media platforms help drive your company’s message across the world wide web.


Strategy is what happens after you plan for your business. Your marketing strategy must fit your marketing budget. If you plan to use more word of mouth then you’d best invest in social media marketing. Think of it as a way to communicate both by listening and by engaging with those you want to do business with. Customers are less likely to search for your business in the Yellow Pages as they are to search Google. Better still, they will check your Google reviews, which are tied to a business Google Plus and Local Pages.


What does all this cost?

The cost is always a factor of time and experience. You can hire your 14-year-old nephew to create Facebook Page, but building a strong foundation means implementing more than just accounts on social media sites. You must maintain brand consistency and engage with a target audience as opposed to sharing funny pictures. You want your company’s message to look professional.


So, I will sit down and discuss the process of setting up social media accounts. Developing the marketing strategy is a different process, and implementing it requires a contract for social media maintenance. This is where I can enlist the help of an intern or two, but managing and teaching them takes time. For a company to legally enlist the help of an unpaid intern the company must follow certain rules. Namely, the intern must benefit and not be asked to do work that a normal employee would be paid for.


Here is an article I published on the subject:


Typically, if your company has the images (logo) and content (company bio, services provided etc.) I can set up the major social media platforms (up to five) and, as a bonus, I will include specific recommendations that will start the marketing strategy for a flat fee that is less than half of what media services companies charge.


I will write a social media strategy for an additional fee. If your company has existing social media accounts, I can do an analysis and make recommendations:


Company Social Media Analysis:

Every brand will have its own needs for social media analysis. I created a detailed report of how Teavana manages its social media, how the company presents itself on its corporate website and in its blog, and my suggestions for Teavana. The report was conducted as part of a social media marketing course at Kennesaw State University, but I chose to analyze Teavana because I was managing social media for Tascia’s Teas at the time (fall 2013).


For me to create a detailed report about your company or one of your competitors, the charge would depend on the size of your company (or your competitor) so adding a flat fee is impossible. I custom-tailor the report to your needs. I can also write business plans, marketing plans and conduct SWOT Analysis.


Take a look at this example and contact me with specific questions about how I can help your brand: social-media-teavana



 Copy editing services:

I enjoy copy editing because it affords me the opportunity to help a writer reach his or her vision. With my marketing experience and background, I can copy edit with a publicist’s frame of mind.  I just finished working on a vocal book written by a world-traveled performer and coach. When I read through her first draft I advised her to separate her work into two or three separate books to best reach all the potential markets her work would resonate with.


I prefer to work with what I know best, which includes genres of creative nonfiction, short stories and poetry. As a general rule, I charge $20 per hour, but I will consult with you on your project and agree on a flat fee based on the project.


I will copy edit websites as well as press releases. I am an expert at AP and APA Styles.




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